Idéias Journal – Número especial sobre “Sociological Engagement”

La revista Idéias Journal del Instituto de Filosofia e Ciências Humanas da UNICAMP convoca a contribuciones para un número especial sobre Engajamento Sociológico o Sociological Engagement. Cierre: 31 de marzo.

The Idéias Journal – published by the Institute of Philosophy and Human Sciences of the University of Campinas – invites submissions for the special issue Sociological Engagement, edited by the following researchers:
Camila De Mario (Anhembi-Morumbi; UNESP);
Danilo Arnaut (UFPR; Unicamp; UNESP) ;
Frédéric Vandenberghe (IESP-UERJ ; SOCIOFILO-UERJ) ;
Josué Pereira da Silva (Unicamp);
Tatiana Barbarini (UNIFESP; UNESP).

I. General instructions
1. Manuscripts should be received no later than March 31, 2017;
Please be advised that this deadline refers to the papers intended to be published in the special issue Sociological Engagement. The regular submissions of book reviews, research papers on any other themes, academic translations and interviews remain continuous, that is, they may be submitted at any time.
2. This journal follows a meticulous double-blind reviewing procedure. All authors are therefore requested to submit:
2.1. A manuscript without any author’s names and other types of identifications. On that account, even affiliations, self-identifying citations and so forth should be avoid;
2.2. A separate page containing author names, affiliations, contact information, founding information and so on;
3. Style and formatting guidelines as well as additional information for authors are available at;
4. Submission of a manuscript implies approval for publication according to the rules as well as the aims and the scope of the Idéias Journal. Submission also implies that the work has not been published, and that it is not under consideration for publication anywhere else in Brazil. Authors must be aware that they are liable for their views and opinions expressed within their texts;
5. The final decision about whether to accept or reject a manuscript rests solely with the editorial board;
6. Important! Please send the electronic blind copy of your manuscript to the editorial board only at

II. Special Issue Sociological Engagement
We live in a condition in which the making of Sociology implies at least a certain degree of engagement. Since the axiological belief in neutrality remains criticized and discredited, the contemporary sociological knowledge pushes us to some sort of involvement. This involvement is seemingly almost inevitable and has been revealed throughout our daily activities: research, teaching, learning, academic management, within a clearly oppressive imperative of productivism which involves publication, more publication, attendance at seminars and other academic events, organizations and planning of events according to rigorous criteria, thesis supervisions, strict observance of institutional deadlines seeking research funding, and (of course) more publication. The very observation, awareness as well as the taking of positions within the public sphere are developed along with all these activities. “And God knows”, in the words of Alain Caillé, “that assuming all these demands is today increasingly close to the mission of an apostle” . Nevertheless, either by the recognition of elective affinities or by the impulse to face the questions with which the lifeworld challenge us, the sociologist is increasingly invited to overcome the condition of plain professional involvement and to actually engage herself/himself in the realities which were considered (merely) as an object in the past.
Idéias Journal
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