3rd International Meeting of Social Sciences: crisis and the emergence of new social dynamics

Compartimos convocatoria a la 3a Reunión Internacional de Ciencias Sociales denominada «Crisis y emergencia de nuevas dinámicas sociales». La recepción de trabajos comienza el 13 de Junio y finaliza el 27 de Julio de 2012:

The 3rd International Meeting of Social Sciences: crisis and the emergence of new social dynamics

Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

The UFPel Graduate Program in Social Sciences invite the scientific community – public or private institutions of higher education and researchers centers to participate in the 3rd International Meeting of Social Sciences. The success of the previous events has encouraged this new edition, which intends to produce and disseminate the social science knowledge through researchers around the world.

Theme of the event

The objective of the Third 3rd International Meeting of Social Sciences is to promote the debate about the latest crises and transformations of contemporary societies. In this context, it takes into account the interpenetration between the realities set by the logic of the nation state and social dynamics introduced by different kind of mobilities: people, objects, images and information that have been promoted by global society. Therefore, the meeting seeks to disseminate and encourage the exchange of knowledge that contribute to the construction, reframing or even reassert of conceptual categories that do could deal with the complexity of the social consequences produced by these displacements. The social, political, economic and cultural relationships shaped by local / national / global dynamics intensify the interdependencies between these dimensions. Moreover, they foreground the cognitive limitations of some old concerns that were designed and developed from the range presented by the formation and reproduction of national societies

Visit the site here: http://www.ufpel.tche.br/isp/ppgcs/eics/index-ing.htm

Dr. Adriano Premebida (FDB)
Dr.Renato de Oliveira (UFRGS)


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