Conferencia anual de la Sociedad de Estudios Sociales de la Ciencia

Del 9 al 12 de Octubre de 2013 se realizará en San Diego, California, la conferencia anual de la Sociedad de Estudios Sociales de la Ciencia (4S). Se pueden enviar resúmenes hasta el 17 de Marzo. Este a°o también se aceptarán presentaciones en formato audiovisual, que hagan contribuciones relevantes a los estudios de Ciencia, Tecnologí­a y Sociedad.


Call for submissions

The Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) invites submissions for its 2013 conference in San Diego, California. There is no predetermined theme for the 4S conference. Individual abstracts and proposals for sessions should emphasize how they will make original and timely contributions to any theme relevant to science and technology studies (STS).

The 4S conference welcomes papers, session proposals, and events that are innovative in their delivery, organization, range of topics, type of public, and which bring new resources to the STS community to explore these new relations and themes. Apart from traditional research papers, the 4S conference also welcomes proposals for sessions and papers using ‘new media’ or other forms of new presentation. This year we plan to hold special sessions on movies and videos where the main item submitted will be a movie or video. We plan to have a room dedicated to showing of movies. Movies of variable length can be submitted.

Each participant in the conference will be limited to only one paper or movie presentation and one other activity (such as session chair or discussant but not a second paper) for a maximum of two appearances.

Submission Process

Submit paper/movie abstracts and session proposals now at Please note, the submission site uses a separate database from the 4S membership/registration systems. All presenters, including those included in session proposals, must have a user accounts with the submission system. Submitters can create accounts on behalf of their co-authors and session participants, if necessary. Anyone who has participated in a 4S meeting in the last five years should already have a user account. Please avoid creating duplicate accounts.

Paper and movie abstracts should be up to 250 words. They should include the main arguments, methodology, and their contribution to the STS literature. The title of papers should be up to 10 words. Please list five key words to assist the program chair to group individual papers into a session. In addition, identify the most suitable categories for the paper (e.g. environment, information communication technologies, gender studies, science policy, etc.). Paper submitters may optionally nominate their paper to one or two «Open Panels,» session topics that have been proposed by other participants. Descriptions of the Open Panels can be found at

Session proposals should be up to 250 words. They should contain a summary and rationale for the session, as well as a brief discussion of its contribution to STS. Session proposals should be organized around one-and-half-hour time slots. A typical session will contain five papers or four papers with a discussant. A minimum of three complete paper abstracts are required in order to submit a session proposal. The organizer can add additional papers to the session up until the submission deadline. After the deadline, the program chair may assign additional papers to proposed sessions with fewer than five papers. Each paper abstract in the proposed session should be up to 250 words. The title of papers should be up to 10 words. Each presenter in the session must have a user account with the submission system that includes name, affiliation, and contact information. Session organizers can create user accounts on behalf of their authors, if necessary.

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