CFP para el «2nd International Workshop on the Sharing Economy»

sharing-economyEstá abierta la convocatoria a trabajos de investigación para el 2nd International Workshop on the Sharing Economy, a realizarse en Paris el 28 y 29 de enero 2016. Cierre: 30 de octubre 2015. Website del congreso:


How does the sharing economy disrupt individual behaviors, industries and public regulation ?

Airbnb, Kickstarter, Uber, Fab Labs, The Food Assembly, etc.: the rise of these collaborative initiatives no doubt constitutes one of the most striking revolutions of the present day. However, despite the rise of the «sharing economy», no consensus about its definition yet exists. Botsman (2013) defines this sector as “an economic model based on sharing, swapping, trading, or renting products and services, enabling access over ownership.”
It thus pertains to a broad set of industries, including collaborative finance (crowdfunding), collaborative production (3D printing, FabLabs, DIY, etc.) collaborative education (e.g. open education and open knowledge) and finally collaborative consumption.

Call for papers

Throughout this workshop, we aim to explore the impact of the sharing economy on various dimensions :

1) Individual behaviors
Collaborative consumption and the sharing economy: what are the new consumption / production patterns of collaborative goods and services?
What are the motivations and characteristics of customers in the sharing economy?
How does the sharing economy redefine the roles of consumers and prosumers compared to those of the conventional market economy?

2) Industry and competition
What are the emerging business models in the sharing economy?
What are the entrepreneurial profiles of project leaders in the sharing economy? What are their political and ideological orientations? How do they deal with the different institutional logics that characterize the sharing economy (for example how do they manage the tensions between social, environmental and economic value creation)?
How do collaborative practices and business models impact established industries? How do existing industries integrate them in their activities?

3) Public regulation
What are the economic, social and environmental impacts of the sharing economy?
What kind of public incentives are likely to frame the development of the sharing economy?
What kind of opportunities and threats does the sharing economy represent for regulators and social welfare?

Papers focused on other dimensions of the sharing economy are also welcome.


Deadlines, submission and review process

October 30, 2015
Deadline for submission of extended abstract
Extended abstract (750-1000 words) should present the topic, research methods, expected results and theoretical contribution.
All submissions will be subjected to a blind peer review process.
To be considered, papers must be electronically submitted as an e-mail attachment (Microsoft Word or pdf files) to :

November, 10, 2015
Deadline for confirmation to authors

November, 11 – December, 15, 2015

January, 10, 2016
Deadline for submission of full paper

January, 28-29, 2016


The conference will be held at ESCP Europe, Paris downtown
ESCP Europe
79 Avenue de la République, 75011 Paris.


For questions about submitting papers to the conference, please contact David MASSE at


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