Reunión anual de la Society for Social Studies of Science (4S)

La Sociedad de Estudios Sociales de la Ciencia (Society for Social Studies of Science – 4S) invita a la presentación de contribuciones individuales, panales y presentaciones “Making and Doing” en su reunión anual, que se realizará del 30 de agosto al 2 de septiembre 2017 en Boston, Estados Unidos. Deadline para envío de trabajos es el 1º de marzo 2017.


Conference theme: STS (In)Sensibilities

If sensibility is the ability to grasp and to respond, how might we articulate the (in)sensibilities of contemporary technoscience? How, similarly, can we reflect on the extent and limits of our own sensibilities as STS scholars, teachers, and activists? The conference theme invites an open reading and exploration of how the world is made differently sense-able through multiple discourses and practices of knowledge-making, as well as that which evades the sensoria of technoscience and STS. Our aim is that the sense of ‘sense’ be read broadly, from mediating technologies of perception and apprehension to the discursive and material practices that render worlds familiar and strange, real and imagined, actual and possible, politically (in)sensitive and ethically sensible.


Deadline for Submissions is March 1. We suggest you begin at the 4S Meeting Home Page to

· read Open Panel abstracts

· read about the return of the Making and Doing session

· learn about the new login regime for the submission site

· learn about program policies


About 4S

The Society for Social Studies of Science is an international, nonprofit scholarly society founded in 1975. 4S fosters interdisciplinary and engaged scholarship in social studies of science, technology, and medicine (a field often referred to as STS). Membership in the society is open to anyone interested in understanding developments in science, technology, or medicine in relation to their social contexts.


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